FILM : Far-Infrared Line Mapper

The Far-Infrared Line Mapper (FILM) is a grating spectrometer designed to simultaneously measure (C II) 158 microns and (O I) 63 microns line intensities and continuum emission near the (C II) line with spatial resolution of 8 arcmin. Very high sensitivity and accuracy are achieved by using stressed and unstressed Ge: Ga detectors at 1.8 K with a helium cooled telescope and by using a spectral scanner to distinguish the line emission from the continuum emission. Line intensities of the (C II) and the (O I) will be mapped over 10% of the sky with much higher sensitivity than the previous survey measurements.


Size 250 x 150 x 130 mm
Weight 1950 g
Grating a varied line-space cylindrically concave grating
Beam size (FWHM) 8' (dispersion direction) x 13'
Area to be observed 10-20% of the sky

Channel 1 2 3 4
Band Center (cm-1) 64.4 63.4 62.4 158.4
Resolving Power 130 409 130 405
Detectors stressed Ge:Ga stressed Ge:Ga stressed Ge:Ga Ge:Ga
Optical through-put 0.34 0.30 0.34 0.15
S (detector) (A/W) 10.1 11.1 9.7 0.51
System NEP (10-16 W/Hz1/2) 1.8 0.60 1.7 12

Photograph of the FILM

FILM Archive Data Executive Summary

Data Number12
Data155 mm Continuum[CII] Line
Band Centercm-164.463.4
Resolving Power130(409)
Beam Size (FWHM)8'x13'
(scanning direction)x(cross-scanning direction)
System NEPW Hz-1/21.8x10-166.0x10-17
TargetContinuum[CII] Line
RMS Noise
(without stripe noise)
in nInW m-2 sr-12x10-7
in InMJy sr-110
Uncertainty in Zero Level
(including stripe noise)
in nInW m-2 sr-16x10-7
in InMJy sr-130
Uncertainty in Intensity Scale-19% to +26%
Pixel Size4'x4'4'x4'
Number of Pixel192x192192x192
Image Size12.8 deg x12.8 deg12.8 deg x12.8 deg
Uncertainty in Map Position4'-8'4'-8'

For more details, refer to the following documents.

FILM Explanatory Supplement [PDF]

"Flight performance of the Far-Infrared Line Mapper (FILM)"
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1996, in SPIE Proc.2817, Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing IV ed. M. S. Scholl and B. F. Andresen, p.267-275
"Far-Infrared Line Mapper (FILM) on the Infrared Telescope in Space"
Hiroshi Shibai, Masao Yui, Hideo Matsuhara, Norihisa Hiromoto, Takao Nakagawa, and Haruyuki Okuda
1994, The Astrophysical Journal, vol.428, p.377-383

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