DARTS of the Month

Virtual Observatory

It would be fun, if one can access and use any data in the world from anywhere and easily. This is one of goals for virtual observatories (VOs) in the astronomical community. In Japan, JVO group in NAOJ has researched and developed various tools and services by connecting distributed data and the Network. For example, the AKARI source catalog can be used from a JVO tool. In addition, ISAS/SUZAKU (X-ray) observation field of views (by green points and squares for the XIS instrument) along with those for NAOJ/SUBARU (optical; by red points and pink regions for the Suprime-Camera) can be checked in the sky map provided by Google, as shown in the figure. This figure shows a galaxy cluster, M87. We will keep cooperating with the JVO and other VOs in order to maximize accessibility of the DARTS data.


Sep. 2010

Last Modified: 25 July 2013