Data ARchives and Transmission System (DARTS) is a multi-disciplinary space science data archive for, e.g., astrophysics, solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, lunar and planetary science, and microgravity science. Please read "About DARTS".

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AKARI Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps are publicly released. The maps cover more than 99 per cent of the entire sky in the wavelength bands centered at 65, 90, 140, and 160 micrometers. The spatial resolution is about 1 arcmin, that is the highest among all the all-sky maps ever made in these wavelengths. Each FITS file covers a 6.0 deg x 6.0 deg area in the ecliptic coordinates (except for both polar regions that are in the equatorial coordinates). All the files are available from here. Alternatively, you may search your favorite data at here. (Mar. 2015)

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